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  • 90 Day Comfort Guarantee
    • Mattress Inn’s Comfort Guarantee covers your mattress for 90 days. During this Comfort Exchange Guarantee, you must sleep on your new mattress for 30 days to allow your body to acclimate to your new mattress. After the 31st day, you can exchange your mattress for another mattress in the store up to 90 days. We never exchange boxsprings, foundations, sheets, mattress protectors, bed frames, pillows, and adjustable beds. Transportation for the exchange can be provided by us at a cost, or you can select to provide your own transportation.
      • If your mattress is found stained, damaged, and not well protected from sweat, you forfeit your approved Comfort Exchange Guarantee.
  • School Pillow Building Fundraisers
    • Mattress Inn provides community schools with a Fill Station® Pillow Kiosk Mobile Edition to do Pillow Building Fundraisers to help Sports Teams, Bands, and Clubs a way to raise money for supplies, equipment, trips, and more. Learn More!
  • Concierge Delivery Service
    • Our Delivery Service can make your delivery experience welcoming and easy. We tailor your new mattress delivery around your schedule, so that you are not waiting for hours. You will receive a 45 minute courtesy call before your appointment time. Our Concierge Delivery Service team inspects your frame, so that we can help prevent your new mattress from sagging and squeaking. If our Delivery Concierge Service diagnose a potential problem, you will receive some recommendations.
      • We Deliver all over Tennessee for your convenience.
  • Concierge Service Warranty
    • Mattress Inn offers our clients an exclusive Complimentary Concierge Service Warranty. This service offers our clients protection from the manufacture’s warranty on behalf of the retailer. No more trashing your room looking for the invoice and no more frustration speaking to a factory.
      • Proof of Purchase Storage: Mattress Inn electronically stores your original invoice for the life your mattress, so that if you ever do have a factory defect, you are not liable for locating your invoice for proof of purchase. Retailers and Factories require that you file and protect your own invoice, but we do not.
  • Luxury Sleep Rooms®  
    • Mattress Inn is the only mattress store in world that has Luxury Sleep Rooms, so you can Power Nap. Just gives the public a chance to test mattresses and pillows in our Luxury Sleep Rooms for a future purchase or compare to the mattress he or she owns.
  • Special Product Services
    • Mattress Inn can handle any situation when it comes to mattresses. If you need odd product, sizes, heights, or mattresses that we do not carry, we would do whatever it takes to deliver the product to you. We are the only mattress store design to handle special services like this in world.
  • Concierge Performance Inspection
    • When you have a mattress delivered from Mattress Inn, our Delivery Service does a full inspection of your current support system underneath your boxsprings. If your mattress is not supported properly, you can ruin your new mattress and/or void the factory’s warranty. We want your mattress to last and wear properly through its life cycle, so we take additional steps to protect you as our client.
  • Special Request Delivery
    • Because Mattress Inn owner is available, he can make special request including shipping or freighting mattresses to other cities, islands off the coast of the United States, and/or will participate in the delivery of your product based on the request to make sure your new mattress is received properly.
  • Bedding Concierge® Services
    • Because Mattress Inn has everyday low prices, the Owner is available to service our clients in helping to them make a sound mattress purchase. The owner does not use any sales gimmicks or pressure tactics in our showrooms. Many of our clients prefer to work with Mattress Inn based on our integrity, transparency, and 20 years experience.

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